do you really?

People ask me all the time if I *really* use all the oils that come in the starter kit.

oilsSome days I use a good handful of the ones from the kit, but on days like today I’ve used almost all of them before lunch time. What am I using them for? Literally everything.

I’ll really try & keep it short and sweet (ha! Well, I’ll try… But this is me we’re talking about.)

STRESSAWAY – all day every day, friends. Because… Life. Seriously. I love this one because it helps me take a breath when I don’t even realize I’ve been feeling overwhelmed or heavy. It helps me be a better mom, a better everything. We wear it, we diffuse it, we even bathe in it. Ha! If you’re alive, you need this.

PANAWAY – My neck was getting tight again and sitting at the computer all morning didn’t help. This helped loosen it right up

NINGXIA RED – those pouches there, they’re amazing. Chill them down and drink it straight or add some oils. This am I added Copaiba, Thieves, Lemon and Peppermint to my NingXia Red and it was delicious.

LAVENDER & CEDARWOOD are in my diffuser right now with Rosemary, Tangerine & Lemon Myrtle and it smells amazing. You need to to this combo. Not only does my house smell like a dream right now, but we are getting all the benefits of those oils too. Oh, and no toxic junk in the air from mainstream air fresheners or candles…. Umm, yes please.

PURIFICATION is currently in my dryer with my laundry. Because I forgot to switch over my laundry again, and well, it was kinda funky. This not only removes the funk but it makes them smell great! No doubt we’ll use this a bunch more today too, especially tonight because, well, we might love the way it smells, but bugs hate it. I spritz it on and the bugs are like “umm, no thanks lady… You stink!”

DIGIZE & PEPPERMINT are in a capsule waiting for me to take. I take these two every day after my two main meals and it helps me with all things digestive.

FRANKINCENSE & LAVENDER went on my skin this morning… I’m trying to be better about taking care of my skin, but let’s face it, I suck at anything long winded or complicated. But I’m 36 and not getting any younger. My skin is thanking me!

I included Cedarwood in the mix since you get it FREE with your kit this month anyway. Yep, 12 oils and the diffuser of your choice plus the NingXia pouches and a bunch of samples. We have resources galore and user groups that you can be added to to learn how to use your new BFFs. I also have a super sweet surprise little package for all my peeps who are ready to get started. It has everything you’ll need to be able to use your oils the minute they’re in your hands. Be assured, friends, you’re never going to be high and dry and you’ll be using the oils for everything before you know it.

Oh, and I have one $20 off voucher that is valid until the end of August, so I’m just going to give it to the first person who PM’s me. If you want it, it’s yours.

So much for short and sweet. I really tried, friends… I really tried! You know me, I could talk all day! ???

oh, and since

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