i’ll miss these steps and faces

trioOne of the very last pictures I took before we left the guest house on Wednesday, with two of my favorite people, who are now part of my family and stuck with me forever. Hahaha!

These steps outside the guest house became a special place for our team, even though they were just simple tile (read: hard) steps.

The very first morning we arrived I stepped out and was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise. The sounds, the sights, the smells. I will never be able to put words on those, but they are tucked away in my heart for always.

Our team would meet there each morning and walk to breakfast together and in the evening we would hang out there together, often savoring the last slivers of pretty slow wi-fi! We would meet there while we waited for George in the mornings and we just sat around together, as friends, as family. Sometimes laughing, sometimes sharing things from the day, sometimes in silence. But always together.

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