These kiddos were peeking in the window as people were hanging mosquito nets in the homes of the village.

This experience was so special to my heart.

Healing Faith are doing amazing things in Uganda. They aren’t just dumping nets in villages, they are actually hanging them in the homes and educating people about why it’s important to sleep under a net and what Malaria is and how to fight it.

$5 hangs a net in a home in a village.
Up to 5 kids sleep under ONE net, often on bare floor….

Y’know what I can get here in the US for $5?
a coffee. a single cup of coffee isn’t that far off $5.

Crazy perspective, huh?

If you want to know more about Healing Faith and the amazingness that they are making happen, check out this link

Look at these faces. Look at them.
Individuals. Empowered.

That, my friends, that’s what it’s all about. <3


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