This year has been absolutely crazy…. as in, I still can’t quite believe it, crazy. I started out this year not really knowing where it would take me. I knew my business was going to grow, and we had some big goals… but little did I know it would physically take me a lot of places too.

I have been to Utah, to Italy, to Croatia and Greece, to Texas (twice) and lastly, to Florida.  Now, I had a feeling Florida was going to be awesome… I had pictures in my mind of white sandy beaches and perfect weather….. well, no one told me that in Orlando, that’s not quite what I was in for. It was humid (as in, I could hardly breathe) and my hotel was a little over an hour drive to the beach, but what I can tell you about my trip to Florida, is that it did not disappoint me.

I went there completely expecting to have a whirleind few days of personal and business development and to come back rockin’, rollin’ & ready to go. What I didn’t realize is that I would do a LOT of soul searching while I was there too, and that the session with the amazing & unapologetically real Glennon Doyle Melton would be one of the biggest highlights.

I am sure that you have read at least one of her blog posts…. if not, where have you been????? Seriously?
Well, I read her “avocado” post a long time ago… before I even knew much about, well, anything (who am I kidding, I still don’t know much about anything)… but I remember clearly that I was drowning in laundry and my youngest was still an infant. I have a feeling I was just out of the potty training stage for my big girl and I was just happy most days to have clean clothes to wear.

Fast forward to this September, I ordered her book…. it was the book of the month for our book club… I thought “hmm, cool, this will be a cool book”. As I opened the book and started in I truly had no idea that I was about to have a truth bomb laid out at my feet.

As if reading the book wasn’t enough, I sat there, with around 260 other people at that conference in humid as hell, Orlando and she flat out laid it down, right there and then.

My notes were sporadic, because every word she spoke hit home with me… the tears were flowing and I was laughing too. Gah, I am so glad the house lights were down, because, let’s face it, my makeup was a mess and my eyes were puffy!   But I wanted to soak it all up, I wanted to take every drop of this time and bottle it up so I could pour it out again and again when my soul needed to hear it.

There was a lot from her session that spoke to me, but these thoughts have come back to visit me again and again since I returned home and I thought you might want to hear them too. They’re really in no order, and they’re pretty random.

RELATIONSHIPS: They are the only thing that matter. They are the most brutal, but also the most beautiful parts of life.

CRISIS: Life tells us that crisis is to be avoided. It’s not. It’s a gift. Crisis sifts us. It shows up in our life, it sifts us and we watch everything fall away… what we are left with, that’s what counts.

WOMEN: Our hearts are all the same, deep, deep down. Like, twelve layers deeper, when all the layers are stripped away, we are all the same. We all have “me too” moments, we all have struggles.

Sometimes, the load gets too heavy and not because we aren’t doing a good enough job, or because we are doing something wrong. Just because the load of life is getting too heavy. Hey, this happens. It happens to us all, and it’s important in those times that we are a sister joist to one another. We need to come alongside others to stand. Just stand. Support.

You know what hit me though? I am great at being a sister joist to others, but I really struggle with allowing others to support me. Sometimes, just sometimes, I really need a ‘sister’ to just stand with me, support me, maybe without even saying a word, just to stand there and know that they are there to help me carry the load, whatever it might be, that I’m carrying…. that they’re willing to walk with me on the path I’m on and they they will be there alongside me if I need them.

This is where I struggle. This is where I’m challenging myself.
Glennon challenged me in so many other ways, but for today, this is where I’m at.

Be a sister, yes, but let someone support you when your load is too heavy.

-M xox

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