Geeking over the Solar Eclipse

Woah! Anyone else feeling that crazy energy out there right now?

I’m always wired to the moon, but it’s intense right now so I started digging for info.  While I was digging, I found some things that I didn’t know so figured I’d share in case any of you are also feeling like things are a little crazy right now.

Eclipses usually occur in pairs of solar + lunar; a balancing of energies.  We just had a lunar eclipse a couple weeks ago, and now we are in this “window” of time while we wait for the solar eclipse next week.

This in between phase, is a time of “energy in flux”, where things can feel a little crazy, a little out of sorts, and if your house is like mine, there is possibly a serious lack of sleep and emotions are likely to be all over the place.  If you are sensitive to the moon and it’s frequencies then you can absolutely expect for this to impact you in some way. The Moon’s energy will be strong, since it’s closer to the earth than usual. It’s kind of like a super intense new moon.

This is a great time for setting intentions, so if that floats your boat, sit down and spend some time setting your intentions around what you want to put forth into action. Set some goals. If you’re highly intuitive, you should expect your intuition to be at an all time high too… if you’re not intuitive, or don’t think you are, I encourage you to sit with that for a moment. Listen to your inner voice. I bet you it has something to say if you’re quiet enough to listen. Our intuition is God-given to us for a reason. Let it speak to you.

If crystals are your thing, get them out during the eclipse, even if you aren’t in the path of totality. Put them outside or on your windowsill.
If crystals aren’t your thing, that’s cool too. No judgement here.
I love citrine, moonstone, quartz, Labradorite is also an amazing stone for this. See what you’re called to, friends… you can’t do this wrong. I promise.

If you’re into essential oils like I am, you probably already have some that you’re excited to use up to and during this time. Here are a couple others that you might like to have on hand during and around the eclipse.

If you have the Into the Future blend, then use that one the day before and the day of the eclipse.

Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine are also really great oils to have on hand as we approach the total eclipse. Also, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Inspiration or any of the grounding tree oils too. Northern Lights Black Spruce is my favorite grounding oil and I like to wear it topically combined with bergamot.  

Rosemary is an oil that is often overlooked, but is one of my go to oils. It engages your mental energy and helps you to focus. I love Rosemary & Lavender in my diffuser, sometimes with a drop of peppermint. So good, try it!

Present Time is a blend from Young Living, and it is a beautiful, grounding and anchoring oil. I love to apply this one topically, around my solar plexus.

Use whatever oils you have on hand and feel drawn to. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Sit with the energy and your intentions and let your inner voice guide you.

I like to take a couple of drops of oil into the palm of my hands and breathe in the aroma while I am setting my intention.

A total solar eclipse, is a pretty rare event, this is the first one I get to experience and I am pretty excited. Did you know you can feel the effects worldwide even if you are not in the path of totality?

We are pretty fortunate to live where we do at this time, Oregon gets to be the first place the total eclipse hits land in North America and we are in the path of totality where we will experience 100%.

No matter where you are or what percentage you will experience. Get outside and experience it. This is the last eclipse of any sort for 2017, there won’t be another total eclipse in North America until 2024.


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