still picking up the pieces

tattooThis blurry cell phone shot showed up in my facebook newsfeed today. It kind brings up a bunch of mixed emotions. That day was crazy. I was so scared as they walked into the room with a lead box, took the pills out, handled them with gloves, put them into a Dixie cup and told me to take them with as little water as possible. Then they left the room. I was to sit there, alone in that room after swallowing radioactive material. My one and only job was to not be sick because they didn’t want to deal with a biohazard and because I would have to take another dose.

A couple weeks prior to that appointment I was told that Radioactive Iodine was the only treatment option really available to me if I wanted to have kids anytime (umm hello, we were newlyweds, yes we wanted kids sometime). I wasn’t given information on what the short term side effects would be, or how it would change my life in the long term either.

I wish I would have known then what I do now, because I’m just not sure I would have opted for this aggressive treatment. But y’know what they say, when you know better you do better.

I felt let down by my medical community, I feel like they really didn’t give me all the options and they never once gave me time to go research. They basically said “this is what you need to do and we need you to book it now”. It seemed like there was so much pressure to do this one procedure that I didn’t dare look for other options.

After dealing with being given a really aggressive dose of radiation I was plummeted into a different kind of sickness that had a very different impact on my life and basically I’ve spent all of the years since picking up the pieces.

This is what led me to become a research nerd. I decided as I lay there in bed that night with a thyroid that was red and swollen and felt like it was on fire, with tears streaming down my face and feeling the most alone I ever had in my whole life that I needed to be in charge of my health. That I needed to never feel pressured into making medical decisions again and I needed to find a more natural way to better health and wellness.

It’s taken me years to recover, to get my thyroid settled, and even now it’s still not great… He told me “we’ll obliterate your thyroid and you can simply take a pill every day to replace it. It will be straightforward…”

Woah nelly, it was nothing of the sort.

So friends, sorry to go off on a tangent. Be your own Heath advocate. If you don’t understand why they’re urging you so strongly to do something, ask questions. If something seems wrong to you in your gut, ask questions or get a second opinion.

Heck, a second opinion is never a bad idea anyway.

Oh, and lastly, but importantly, reduce stress and toxins from your life. No matter if you think you have great health right now or if you could be healthier, you should reduce it. They’re is just no way to sugar coat it, high stress and toxins, they’re bad for us, they do us no good.

My temporary tattoo is long gone, but I still see it there every time I look down.

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